Justice is Obsolete EP

by Supremacy

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released March 15, 2008

Recorded March 2008 at On the Run Recordings / Green Carpet Room
Mix and Mastered by Rob Medina Produced by Supremacy
Art Concept by: Felipe Rodriguez & Supremacy



all rights reserved


Supremacy Texas

Supremacy is Houston, Texas
EST. 2007
Steven Garza-Vocals
David Garza- Guitars
Felix Quintanilla-Drums
Michael Arguellez-Bass.
For fans of East Coast, West Coast, and Texas Hardcore/Metal
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Track Name: Dark Law
In consent with all the torment
Impossible to breath or bow
Justice knows no end
Justice is obsolete

To your fixation of no mercy
Confine-able to your innocence
Sit back lay it out
The verdict is no pity for you

Capitol punishment with the iron maiden
A tribute to the guilty fallen... casualties
Don't exist down this path
Just dead salvation

This is dead salvation
No mercy for your weak...
Only a promise to kill your treason
And throw the noose in your face
They'll give no reason for you
Now... now it's time for you to see

Now it's time for you to see
Because the only thing you'll ever see
Is six feet of dirt crushing you
No cross to mark your place
No name to ever remember
Bow (repeat)

You better fucking bow!
Track Name: Die-Hard Aggression
And everything you see here
Is in order, in which we will fight for
All but no will to be free this is Die Hard Aggression
Our circle of anger infused by the blood of Victorians
In disgrace will the power of your mind
This is Die Hard Aggression

Blood for blood serving the life at will
What gives a break in your strength
Counting down a turn of events
Shattering the image upheld
Cherish your final moment
This is the time of hostility
It's survival of the fittest

The deepest desire in your mind
In your own introduction of agony
Bring yourself back up
To bring down the truth inside

You never knew you had it in you
The aggression that pumps your blood
The aggression that pumps your blood
A lifeline that pulls you through
In the weakest and darkest moments
It will save you

Lose control of all you live for
To tell yourself that you must fight
Overcome all the fucking anger
Push back so you can win

And what you see here
Is what we fight for
We've gained the will to be free
Now it's your turn

(Do you have the will)
The will to gain
We have the will
(We have Die Hard Aggression)
Do you have the will
(We have the will)
We have
(We have Die Hard Aggression)
Track Name: A Life That Defines You
This is the day you will prevail!

Stare down the years of abuse
Take in what you see
With your horrid past
No answer appalling in your eyes
Fighting within the face of judgement
Only see your own punishment
For all these years taking away from you
Given all the power

Smash you down you are the last enemy
In this alliance bound by the structure you fell from
Not only to survive this conflict of pain
But gain wisdom from all your arrogance
Run away from all your lies
Hide behind face of punishment
Your day will come
Because in this life you die with no pride

Live forever in your broken pride
Die in the same unwritten pattern
Live in the solitude of your dreams
Die knowing the fist is placed on you
Die knowing the fist is placed on you
The fist is placed on you

For this I speak the truth
And nothing to hide the reason
Define your strength strive forward
Become one with yourself
Mind, body, and blood
Bind by your soul
Wasting away
Grow(grow) stronger(stronger) fight (fight) harder
For the truth possibility (the truth)
Track Name: Misery to the Insult
Inside blood lusting
Outside war shredding
In truth containing
Your life slipping

Escape through your life
Unwritten to your solace with god

Now you see in disguised with your brokenness
My soul ripping inside
My mind leaving the body
This beast uncontrollable
Run away and find divinity
Find this divinity
Your fucking divinity
This is divinity

A nightmare to your belief
No escape from the torture of reality
Find no hope to your guilt
Lost....in an anger unimaginable

No more resolutions to hide behind
A fallen shadow

My soul ripping inside
My mind leaving the body
This beast uncontrollable
Run away and find divinity
Your fucking divinity

Bring back self infliction's
For you I would sacrifice everything
Track Name: Street Justice
We see the hatred
We see the violence on the street
Marked by death, hostility, and rape
We must cleanse this fucking enemy
And bring back justice
Take down all those who oppose of this
You can 't run away
We'll hunt you down and beat you down

This is the calling
A peace offering in your blood
Sacrifice with the chance to fight back
We stare down upon you
Burn the lies
Burn everything that sickens the world
See through the criminal mind
Wipe the scum from the Earth

We're here to rise justice
We're here to strike fear in your mind
A constant fight
An endless struggle in this afflicting life

And all that's left are the scars
Betraying what is the war
Another death in the books
And a victory to scale the Earth
For those lost in the fog
And you who lays in the blood
It's not over
It's never over

It's never over